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database backends

This page gives the status of the database backends as of version 1.1

Backend Vendor Link Test Success Rate Notes Backend Source
mysql logo MySQL 100% Stable
postgres logo Postgres 100% Stable
firebird logo Firebird 100% Stable
hsqldb logo HSQLDB Not available in 1.1, use 1.2 Stable (new in 1.2)
sybase logo Sybase ASA 100% Stable
sql server logo SQL Server 100% Stable
informix logo Informix 100% Stable
db2 logo DB2 100% Stable
oracle logo Oracle not tested (1) Needs updating to 1.2
ingres logo Ingres not tested (1) Needs updating to 1.2
sybase logo Sybase ASE not tested (1) Needs updating to 1.2
sap logo MaxDB not tested Deprecated

(1) These backends were functional with the 1.0 codebase but need to be re-tested with 1.1 - minor adjustements may be necessary. Some may be marked stable in the next point release.