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database performance

The backend unit tests provided a base on which we built more extensive database performance tests, covering many aspects of database performance using JDBC.

Part 0: Fair Setup

The setup is well documented so that these results can be reproduced.

Part 1: Java - Linux - Databases

This report compares many different aspects of databases on Linux via JDBC.

Part 2: FreeBSD - Linux - Solaris

This report compares the performance of these 3 mainstream operating systems when it comes to running various JDBC workloads against MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Part 3: Linux Kernels

Focusing exclusively on the differences of Linux kernels from 2.6.16 to 2.6.23-rc.

Part 4: Your Choice

Tell us what you would like to see tested.


All the code is available here under the GPL, this section shows you how to generate your own reports.