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This FAQ is divided in three areas:

Note: there is also a tutorial faq if you are having problems with the tutorial.


  • Why not use Spring?

    Spring solves similar problems and it is a solid product, however it did not exist at the time this project was started and we have different goals: we try to avoid the proliferation of configuration files (XML or otherwise)

  • Why not use framework X?

    We try to keep the amount of dependencies to a minimum, but if you feel that the framework would really benefit from adding a certain feature, let us know

  • Why is there a minimal logging framework built in? Why not use another framework?

    First, because this framework was written before most of these logging frameworks were available, and more importantly: because it is simple and it works. Note that it is also possible to plug-in any of these frameworks on top of the built-in logging mechanism, or use the standard Java logging adapter to plug in any other logging framework

  • Why do so many objects extend the LogUtilObject?

    Because the code is much more concise when you inherit methods, since jdk 1.5 it is possible to statically import methods from another class, but the code predates this and still has the benefit of producing smaller source and binary code (as the object type need not be specified)


  • Why can't I commit changes to the subversion repository?

    We do accept patches in standard linux kernel format (diff -ur), once a few patches have been reviewed we will grant commit access to the repository.

  • Why the dual license? (GPL/Commercial)

    Some of the extensions that provide extra functionnality cannot be packaged with the core of the framework under the GPL license because they are linked to third party applications which are incompatible with the GPL.

  • Is the code fully GPLed?

    Yes, for all the parts of the code for which we own the rights and which can be released under the GPL.

  • Can I distribute an application based on the framework?

    Any GPL application can be distributed freely in comformance with the terms of the GPL, commercial applications will require a commercial license - contact us for more details

  • What is the cost of a commercial license?

    Generally it is free, but support arrangements may require a fee to cover the costs of spending developers' time on support rather than development.

  • Is the documentation truly free?

    We believe that all the documentation is crucial to developers. All our documentation is released under the creative commons license, and we encourage others to do the same.


  • I found a bug!

    Really? ;-) file a bug, we aim to respond within 48 hours with either a fix or at least a timeline for resolution.