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Simple mapping tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to map a very simple class to a database table

First, we define the class that is going to be stored in the database:

	public class One {
		public	String	a = null;
		public	int	b = 0;
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Then we use a simple command line program to create the schema and save an object:

	DBDataMapper dbm = new DBDataMapper();
	One one = new One();
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For reference, this is an indented extract of the output which is generated when using MySQL 5 as the backend database (the database instance is named 'testdb')

	QueryUtil(testdb[0])	executeUpdate(com.mysql.jdbc.Connection@56da6bf4,
		CREATE  TABLE One (b INT, a VARCHAR(255)), true)
	QueryUtil(testdb[0])	getPreparedStatement(
		INSERT INTO One(b,a) VALUES (?,?))
	QueryUtil(testdb[0])    executeUpdate(com.mysql.jdbc.Connection@7d95d4fe,
		DROP TABLE One, true)

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